Sunday, April 14, 2013

It has been about 5 months since I last posted. A lot has happened. So here are lots of pictures. Bret went out to sea for a month. They sent him out on a different crew to get qualified faster and then he came back for about 2 weeks and now he is back out again until the middle of May. I will take whatever I can get. It was great to have him home for Easter. Well, I have been doing a lot of pondering and writing in my journal and I have been thinking about what I want my kids to remember me by. I was reading Marjorie Hinckley’s book called “Glimpses into the Life and heart of Marjorie Hinckley” and her granddaughter talks about how she wanted to decide while her kids were young what she wanted them to remember her by. Is it that mom cooks amazing meals? Is it that she is amazing seamstress? Is it that she feels the home with her beautiful piano music? Is it that she is amazing writer? Her grandmother Marjorie Hinckley gave her pictures of her ancestors and stories to go with each one. She read them and realized that each lady had strong faith and kept her covenants. She then decided that she wanted her children to remember her by the strong faith that she had in the Lord Savior Jesus Christ. As I was reading this from this book it made me think too about what I want my children to remember me by. Then I thought about my mom and what I think of when I think of her and I think of her strong faith and trust in the Lord and her faithful diligence of fasting, personal prayer and scripture study. Her example has taught me so much and I want to do the same for my kids no matter how hard or challenging things get. I want my kids to know me as a happy mom who relies on the Lord for strength, keeps her covenants, is diligently living the gospel and presses forward with faith no matter what comes our way. These last 7 months has been one thing after another, but through it all I've learned more and more to rely so much on the Lord and as I do I receive his strength.
Family picture before Dad left again out to sea. 
 Mark's two favorite toys! Loves these two kitchen items! 
  He played with that balloon forever. I attached it to a water bottle so it wouldn't fly away. 
 Mark's 1st hair cut at 17 months old. It was in his eyes so it was time to finally cut it.
These pictures are when I was done.

 Mark's fake cry face
All done!
 Easter Pictures

Cowboy Mark at your service....

Happy Aliza at 3 months old

Mark just can't get enough of his sister. He loves her. When we go to the Park he will run and play and then come back and talk/touch Aliza in her car seat and then go play and then come back talk/touch Aliza. It is really cute. He loves her so much.
Mark loves to touch Aliza's nose.

 Mark's 1st Easter!
Mark at 16 months old 
 Mark loved what he found inside the Easter eggs. He thought I was going to take it away from him and he gave me that look...
Dad and son at Waterfront Park just like Bret did with his dad growing up.
Picking up Bret from his first Deployment that was only a month long.

Mark was happy to see Dad!


Mark playing outside while waiting for dad.

 Dad is happy to hold his baby girl.
Mark loves being outside. It rains a lot here in Washington, but whenever
there is a clear day we go outside and play.
Mark loves to pick up sticks, rocks and pine cones.

Mark's personality really comes when he is outside.

One happy boy!

I found a big stick!!


I took Mark to the castle Park. He loved the swing and would not let me get him down. He stayed in it for about 40 minutes.

 Mark was hiding from me and then jumped out.
Aliza is ready for church

Aliza all bundled up

This is how Aliza sleeps
Aliza holding dad's fingers.
Aliza with her hand over her face just like her ultra sound pictures.
Where's Mark???

Where's Mark????

Aliza two months old

We go bowling on base and Dad was teaching Markhow to bowl.

 Aliza two months old and she was looking up at dad. She loves her daddy.
She was really talking to dad.

 Happy girl!

Mark went to a friend's birthday party with dad and he had a great time.


Mark loves electronics especially phones.
Mark's favorite meal!
Aliza was born December 18th and she weighted 6lbs 12ozs
Newborn smile

First time Mark got to see and hold his baby sister. Mark 13months old.